Mark Ball

Ball Mark

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Nicholas Karachalis

Karachalis Nicholas

Ilinca-Adela Margineanu

Margineanu Ilinca-Adela
Regular Contributor

Ilinca-Adela Margineanu contributes to the URBACT blog from Bucarest for the URBACT National Dissemination Point in Romania.

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Hans Schlappa

Schlappa Hans
Guest Contributor

Dr Hans Schlappa is an experienced regeneration practitioner and academic. He has worked for 15 years in municipalities and third sector organisations, developing and leading socio-economic regeneration programmes in the some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK. Since 2004 Dr Schlappa is working as a researcher and teacher at universities in Birmingham, London and Coventry. His publications include a wide range of conference papers and research reports, focusing on the provision of government funded services in deprived neighbourhoods, co-production and partnership working in regeneration contexts, and the impact of EU funding on third sector organisations.