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By URBACT, on May 18th, 2009

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Four simple ideas and a lot of passion: that is URBACT

The aim is to meet, exchange, produce results together and share. It is what we mean with our new baseline “Connecting Cities, building Successes”. URBACT is useful, it works and it is growing month after month.

Passion is a contagious virus… But it is fragile and can be affected by bureaucratic inertia.

That is why we decided to launch this blog where passion, moods, humour, rants, anecdotes can express themselves better than in official reports.

This is a collective blog, with 70 potential authors coming from URBACT community (Lead Partners, Lead Experts and the Secretariat team).

You are an urban professional or a citizen interested in urban questions? Come often to see what’s new on this blog!

Jean-Loup Drubigny

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  1. Interesting site and initiative. I’m looking for interested partners to start a project in which to enhance and spread an environment friendly tourism of our cities. I did a lot this kind of effort in my city: Stockholm. Contact me if you do sth similar anywhere else in Europe or the world.


  2. yzed says:


    very nice


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