Stockholm, first European Green Capital : a model for other cities ?


By URBACT, on November 30th, 2009

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imagestockholmThe 2009 URBACT Annual Conference was held in Stockholm. Let us take the opportunity to look at this City which is often seen as a green model for other European cities. In 2010 the capital of Sweden will be the first European city to celebrate its status as European Green Capital. The new European Green Capital Award recognises cities that are at the forefront of environmentally- friendly urban living. Indeed, the City of Stockholm has outlined an overall, long-term vision – Vision Stockholm 2030 – for sustainable growth and development. The city council’s holistic vision combines growth with sustainable development and Stockholm is determined to lower its carbon emissions. To date, the city has achieved a 25% decrease in climate emission levels since 1990 (to 4 tonnes per inhabitant in 2005, half the Swedish average), and the city council has set an ambitious target of becoming totally fossil fuel free by 2050. Stockholm seems to be  committed to share its experience and act as inspiration for other cities… But we can ask ourselves if European cities are ready to solve environmental problems and improve the quality of life for citizens by taking the environment systematically into account in urban planning.

One Response to “Stockholm, first European Green Capital : a model for other cities ?”

  1. Florian says:

    Viva Stockholm!
    Well done!
    Would you not have awarded we and my family would have supported you, we have been there just in 2008 and have really enyoed you!

    Like in almost every metropolitan area – just individual traffic and electricity use might be your “wounded knee”?

    Have you managed in Sweden to turn your back on electric heating in urba areas ?(if there is no danger of air polllutio which might be the oly excuse for electric heating in some resticted areas)

    May you get (positively speaking) hard competition for the 2012 award, this can stipulate postive engagement through Europe

    Wish you well!

    God Yul!


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