Can Sofia be like Rome and Athens?


By URBACT, on July 1st, 2010

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 Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria, is a city with rich cultural and historical heritage. The new Bulgarian Government is planning to grant funds for the realization of a project which would breathe new life into Sofia’ s historical character. 
Three years ago the Chief Architect of Sofia presented his idea for restoring the ancient appearance of Sofia’s centre before the participants in the international conference “The European City”. This has now become an ambition of Sofia’s mayor Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova – the city’s ancient history to become visible to everybody through revealing the archeological and historical sites of the city center. 

In the course of the construction of the underground, Roman thermae and an amphitheatre by the size of the Coliseum in Rome dated back to the II-III century were discovered. 

There is a joint project between the municipality and the Ministry of Culture, providing for the ruins of ancient Serdika to be formed as an underground city with streets and building foundations, located within an area of 16.5 decares. In the place, where the main Roman road “Via Principalis” was passing, there will be shops, cafes and restaurants. The center of the restored ancient city will be a square with a stage, where concerts and theatrical performances will be organized. The part of the archeological space, situated between the buildings of the Presidency and the Council of Ministers, will be covered with a glass dome, measuring 22 to 65 meters. The area around it will be arranged with flowers, alleys and decorative lightning.

The project requires significant financing. Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria intend to apply for funding before UNESCO.

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