How Cities from the Caribbean could turn into sustainable ones ?


By URBACT, on February 14th, 2011

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The International Town-Planning Days are celebrated each November 8th, in 30 countries on 4 continents. Such celebration is the very occasion to discuss on the future of cities and territories.
For the first time in France, these International Days occurred in French overseas territories, in Fort-de-France, Martinique, thanks notably to SFU (French Society of Town-planners), on the following topic : « How Cities from the Caribbean could turn into sustainable ones ? »

The participants (representatives of the state, regional and local authorities, associations, companies etc.) presented the « Fort-de-France Statement». These experts enhance the fact that the Caribbean area, which is used to undergo natural and societal disasters, has a high potential in terms of geographical vitality and projection : in a word the Caribbean space represents a major laboratory between Europe and America. The participants ask for implementing several actions to promote « the Caribbean sustainable city and territory of tomorrow ».

The SFU which celebrates its centenary in 2011, is the only French national association composed by professional town-planners. The SFU represents French town-planners in the European Council of town-planners.

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