Jugendbauhütte – Youth Masons’ Lodge: Voluntary Year in Monument Preservation for Young people between 18 and 26


By URBACT, on March 4th, 2011

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The ‘Jugendbauhütte’ (Youth Mason’s Lodge) is a project of ‘Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz’ (German Foundation for Monument Preservation) organized by the International Youth Community Services (ijgd) that offers young people between 18 and 26 to do a voluntary year in monument preservation and care.

The work places are museums and cultural institutions, archaeological institutions, organizations involved in the preservation of historic ground and gardens as well as crafts and building firms (carpentry, masonry, processing of natural stones, etc.), monument preservation authorities , architectural and planning offices and research institutes. There are twelve ‘Jugendbauhütten’ in Germany, one of them being located in Regensburg, the URBACT HerO project Lead Partner city.

The voluntary year starts on 1st Sepember each year. The practical work will be accompanied by 35 days of seminars where the young people learn about ancient handicraftsman techniques (like blacksmith, stucco and clay sculpturing), constructing using natural materials, constructions styles, archaeology and the protection of antiques. During the seminars the participants learn, work and live together and thus also have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other volunteers. The ijgd covers pocket money, maintenance costs, extra fund for an apartment, the participation in seven seminars as well as social and medical insurance.

The ‘Jugendbauhütten’ started as a pilot project in 1999. In the meantime their social value has been acknowledged by numerous awards such as the UNESCO Award for Sustainability in 2007 and the Europa Nostra Award for European Heritage in 2008.

The voluntary year in monument preservation and care applies to young people not only from Germany but also from abroad (basic knowledge of German language is required). If you are interested, please find further information on the websites of  ijdg and ‘Deutsche Stiftung

Barbara Bühler
HerO Lead Partner

(Photograph: City of Regensburg, Peter Ferstl)

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