Sevilla, a Ceramic City reinventing its image


By URBACT, on March 11th, 2011

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Sevilla (Andalucia-Spain) is partner in the URBACT UNIC project working on how cities can encourage and develop new policies and actions which help their territory and industries, on this case focused on the ceramic sector, in a time of change and economic transition. One of these new actions should certainly be linked to the re-invented image of ceramics cities reinforcing their attractiveness at the European level. Through the URBACT project UNIC, one of the experiences developed has been focused on reflecting how a city can value this ceramic image city.

Sevilla is known in the world for its great and singular ceramic heritage. Different peoples and their cultures, which have settled in the city, have left their mark as much in tableware and decorative items as in the rich tiles that cover facades and interiors of buildings.
Nowadays this activity is kept alive in workshops that continue to turn out pieces of considerable technical and artistic interest. They are mostly around areas as the Triana neighbourhood.

Within the framework of the UNIC project and its URBACT Local Action Plan, Sevilla has put together in a map the urban ceramic pictures and the urban ceramic activity made by the industries and workshops. The map was produced in Spanish/English in order to guaranty its dissemination among tourists from any European and non European origins.
With this guide we hope to draw attention to these buildings and workshops and underline the connection between the city and it ceramics.

This new experience can be an interesting tool for managing economic transition of traditional sector through innovative initiatives in cities.

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Beatriz Real
Innovation Manager Sevilla Global
Partner in the URBACT UNIC Project

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