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By URBACT, on May 6th, 2011

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Guess what? It’s true! We learned and felt another powerful experience in Barnsley during our last URBACT Creative Clusters project thematic workshop. At the same time that our network is reaching the end, we feel that our team building is improving its abilities to share and learn.

The latest edition of the creative brief planted some of the new seeds that our network has been
harvesting in the last couple of years. Óbidos and Reggio Emilia are working together by putting in practice a common project of developing creativity as an educational resource that could improve intellectual and entrepreneurial skills. Beneath the surface we are all discussing other possibilities of working together. Education, creativity and innovation, new social solutions of community inclusion and technology resources are some of the areas that are in our virtual daily round table. This is one of the signs of our good health or wellbeing.

The final conference in Óbidos, June 9th, will be an important step to reach conclusions
of the work undertaken, but also to establish a platform of common objectives and new solutions for our challenges. Once again we reinforce our invitation for all you to come to Óbidos and activate your brain cells under this stimulating theme: “Creative Footprint – The Next Big Step Will Be a Lot of Small Steps”.

Miguel Silvestre
Creative Clusters Lead Partner

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