Neapolitan pupils discovering the Port of Naples


By URBACT, on May 20th, 2011

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One of the activities in the framework of the URBACT CTUR Project is to involve the schools of the city and their 1000 pupils. The President of the Port Authority of Naples, Luciano Dassatti, met 1000 students from  junior schools to talk about the sea and the ports. The project “The Port of Naples meets the schools“ drawn up by the Port of Naples Newsletter staff, was created to communicate the value of marine and port culture, in the way of transforming the port and its multiple protagonists into an educational tool.

Twenty Neapolitan schools (one from each Municipality of the city) enthusiastically joined the project.

After some meetings with the School Managers to examine the points of interest to run alongside the educational programme, the project started:

  • Phase I: The President of the Port Authority, Luciano Dassatti visits the schools to explain to the children the organization of the port;
  • Phase II: the children and their teachers visit the port to gain direct experience. A discussion on the strategic elements of the commercial and passenger terminals, a visit to a ship and the project’s creators explain the port and what it does.
  • This phase finishes with a 30-minute video made by the children from the ten schools that participated in the initiative.

The project started in September in coincidence with the start of the school year and ended in May in the Maritime station in Naples with a final show that  has got everybody who worked on the project together.

The students and teachers were instantly enthusiastic. The schools have visited the port of Naples and the children have asked numerous and interesting questions.
An open laboratory and a window on the world: the port acquires greater value by becoming a place for the exchange of goods from far away places and a centre of teaching. With this project “The Port of Naples meets the schools “, the port demonstrates its cosmopolitan character and openness that is connected to values of professionalism and respect for man.

Fiorinda Corradino
Manager of the Study Office of the Port Authority of Naples
CTUR Partner

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