Eltis – The Urban Mobility Portal gives you the knowledge to deliver new mobility solutions


By URBACT, on February 20th, 2012

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“Interested in Know How on Urban Transport?”
“Change urban transport”
“Take action to make it more sustainable”
“Find out what you need to really make a difference”
“Inspire others – and be inspired by them”
“Build your network to help you deliver”
“Share your experience to build better urban transport”

Just log on to eltis.org
Browse its more than 1500 best practice case studies (selected ones in all EU languages)
Read inspiring news stories – 2 per news items working days
Download photos for own use or video clips on good practice implementations.
Get materials and tools to strengthen your arguments
Find events where you can find out even more
And follow the links to build your network. Become a Friend of Eltis. Registration doesn’t give you any obligations, doesn’t cost anything and takes you 2 minutes. Click to http://www.eltis.org/index.php?id=64&relid=68
Wit a registration you can get all services of Eltis free of charge and additionally the monthly Eltis Mobility Update in 6 languages.
If you want to disseminate your urban transport solutions, see Eltis as your dissemination platform. Use the online submission forms for case studies or news items.

The URBACT projects EVUE and Active Travel Network already spread their findings via Eltis.

Eltis which exists since 1998 is an initiative of the EC, DG MOVE and operated by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI).
Eltis intensely co-operates with other big initiatives like CIVITAS, EPOMM, Managenergy or Covenant of Mayors

Link to Eltis promo clip: http://www.eltis.org/index.php?ID1=23&id=92

Robert Pressl
Active Travel Network Lead Expert

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