What’s Your Ideal City? #URBACTCity at the #EUopendays

Segolene Pruvot

By Segolene Pruvot, on October 9th, 2013

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What’s Your Ideal City? #URBACTCity at the #EUopendays

After a tough competition between European Children for the #URBACT2013 Summer University in Dublin, URBACT launched at the occasion of the Open Days in Brussels a Twitter Campaign to know what people’s ideal city is!

  1. The campaign is open to urban passionates & twitter addicts from all around the world
  2. Tag Your Ideal City #URBACTcity – Describe in a tweet what your ideal city is!
  3. RT @SegoleneEA: Describe your ideal city & share with other #urban passionates #URBACTCity – urbact.eu/en/news-and-ev…
  4. The twitter channel of the European Commission Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy supports the campaign!
  5. And the participants to the #EUopendays are invited to write their tweets on the spot!
    And there is something to win! “The City Reader”
  6. Tag Your Ideal City – #URBACTcity – and Win “The City Reader”! Campaign is open, start tweeting! @URBACT #EUopendays urbact.eu/en/news-and-ev…
  7. The Twitter Channel of the Directorate for Regional and Urban Policy supports the campaign!
  8. And the calls come up in different languages!
  9. Partita #URBACTcity twitter campaign per raccontare città ideale. da seguire @cforghieri @Forum_PA @michelevianello @ADelliNoci
  10. So what’s the result you’ll ask! So did @JemmaBere…
  11. Interesting themes and ideas from the #URBACTCity conversations this week. What does an ideal city look like?
  12. The #URBACTCity is sustainable
  13. #URBACTCity is local food, renewable energies, efficient public transports and less cars!
  14. @URBACT #URBACTcity We want to build sustainable, innovative, and people-friendly cities!
  15. Children friendly and adapted to a good work/life balance
  16. #URBACTcity‘s children play in the streets; workplaces are shared, houses distinctive, parks colouful and edible; luxury is in public areas
  17. #URBACTCity is fun!
  18. #inclusive #participative #ambitious
  19. #URBACTcity should be open, inclusive, green and participative. A place where citizens should feel proud to live in
  20. #URBACTCity is free!
  21. Young and mobile
  22. Cultural and connected!
  23. And we do get some images as well! Bonn? the ideal city of the future?
  24. #URBACTcity #bonn = fab scenery, great community, family friendly, green, international and entrepreneurial @URBACT twitter.com/AgnesCserhati/s…
  25. Lots of inspiration for urban planners, decision-makers and citizens in the coming years!

    But hey… who’ll get ‘The City Reader’?

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