Bertil Nilsson

Bertil Nilsson


Responsible for URBACT NDP SWEDEN on behalf of Environment Department, City of Malmö


EU-projekt Skåne


One of the program leaders for the first URBAN PROGRAM in Sweden, 1997-2001, URBAN Malmö

Coordinator for one of the areas in the City of Malmö within the Swedish Metropolitan Initiative, 2000 – 2006

Project manager for the first Swedish URBACT I Network “Young People from Exclusion to Inclusion” 2003-2006

Represented the City of Malmö in the URBACT II CoNet network led by Berlin 2008-2011

EU-coordinator in District of Fosie, City of Malmö until beginning of 2013

Running the company EU-projekt Skåne since spring 2013

Project manager for the project SÖM (South East Malmö) Fosie, funded by the regional fund