Mariann Majorné Venn

Regular Contributor

The main fields of my activity are planning, expertise, counselling, preparation for decision-making, communication and task management, international projectmanagement with special regard to spatial planning, impact assessments, regional and urban development. I’m interested in community development, transport and agricultural engineering, as well as landscape design.

My favorite topic is the liveable environment. Important to the future of humanity, but it is important in my own microenvironment too. I’m glad when I look out of my window and see the trees, bushes, flowers, birds, people in the gardens….

I enjoy my activities as contact point and communication officer of various programs like URBACT, EUKN etc. I like to meet people and bring various people together, learn people and make friends with those living in various countries. I also like to forge collaborative partnerships. It is always interesting to help experts, planners and students meet their colleagues of other countries and make them realize the commonalities of their challenges, successes and duties. It is always fun to demonstrate to them that their problems, difficulties and contexts which they had assumed to be unique and unsolvable are shared by their partners elsewhere, and joint efforts may help face and deal with all acute matters.

By the way people… I’m convinced that there is no sustainability and development without active local communities both in the cities and the countryside. Contact, confidence-building, reconciliation of interests, lots of conversation, humility, patience, staying power. Difficult? I don’t think so. Man is basically a social being. Are we living in an individualistic word nowadays? Yes, but the possibility for change is in our hands.