Sally Kneeshaw

Regular Contributor

Strategist, policy advisor, entrepreneur, event curator and facilitator, campaigner, knowledge sharing enthusiast with a long career in international and intercultural settings.
My current role is URBACT Thematic Pole Manager: Governance for sustainable cities. I was Lead Expert of the URBACT Electric Vehicles in Europe network, Thematic Expert for URBAMECO, Coordinator of the Capitalisation workstream on mobility and twice a Summer University Lab Manager.
Past professional roles include Campaign Manager for the European Blind Union; Strategic Advisor to the Social Platform and the European Disability Forum; Co-founder and director of a successful European Affairs consultancy (with Alison Partridge); Manager of a Women Returners Network; Director of Educational programmes in secondary, tertiary and professional sectors.
Born in Yorkshire, living in London, my interests include social psychology, women and children’s issues, migration and multi-culturalism, leadership and change management, creativity in learning.

Least likely to win a cookery competition.
Most likely to be first on the dance floor. I am @sallykneeshaw on Twitter.