Segolene Pruvot

Regular Contributor/Editor

Ségolène‘s main interest lies at the intersection between politics, urban planning and European issues. She believes in Europe and in the transformative power of exchanges and common work between people coming from different backgrounds and cultures.

Ségolène holds an Msc in Political Sciences from Sciences-Po Paris (France), and an Msc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies from the London School of Economics (United Kingdom). She has studied and worked in private urban planning consultancies and in European NGOs in several European countries and cities including Leipzig (Germany), London and Paris. Since 2009, Ségolène assists the URBACT Secretariat in its communication activities, mostly online by animating the community of National Dissemination Points and with Alternatives Européennes – the organisation she directs- by managing the URBACT Blog and the URBACT Twitter Channel.

As an urbanite and as what is often caricatured as ‘boho’, Ségolène tries to enforce sustainability rules. She does not own a car but travels by bike, using extensively the velib system in Paris and travelling by public transports, she tries to eat local and/or organic food. Ségolène is passionate not only by European Politics and citizens’ engagement in policymaking but also by the issues of sustainability, soft mobility and by the ways cities can foster new ways of living together.

In her free time Ségolène populates theatre and living arts institutions, reads novels and graphic novels, tries to travel to discover new parts of the world and, when in the countryside, tries to ride horses as often as possible. Ségolène is on Twitter @segoleneEA.

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