Băileşteanu Alina Andreea

Siobhán McKenna

McKenna Siobhán

Nicholas Karachalis

Karachalis Nicholas

Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse

Dellenbaugh-Losse Mary

Peter Wolkowinski

Wolkowinski Peter

Peter Wolkowinski is an international consultant (born in the UK where he qualified as a drama teacher and resident in France for over 25 years), working on change and innovative actions: participative consultation of inhabitants concerning the 2030 city strategy of Gdansk, leading a think tank on the evolution required in social policy, leading a participative co-construction of the strategy for the development of social economy in the region, leading a social economy support structure, training political leaders in group work and co-construction. During his career he has animated local, regional, national and European associations, exported social economy to East European countries, has developed a method for developing local identity through empowering inhabitants in regeneration schemes. He has always worked on strong stakeholder participation. P. Wolkowinski is a very experienced moderator and trainer who has the capacity to mobilize persons he works with. He has also published numerous articles and papers. At present he is lead expert for the URBACT III network "Boosting Social Innovation", was an expert in "My Generation at Work", and was the national URBACT trainer for Poland.  

Jim Sims

Sims Jim

I am an Economic Development Specialist that possesses over 20 years of experience in sustainable urban development. Throughout this period, I have been responsible for facilitating and leading numerous transnational EU and UK funded projects , both as a partner and a lead partner. Through these various projects, many of which have been funded through URBACT, Horizon 2020, INTERREG, Structural Funding and Lifelong Learning Programmes, I have also developed considerable experience of designing and delivering transnational exchange and learning activities. Much of this work has lent on my previous academic and practical Economic Development, Design and Marketing experience/studies. I was a project partner in USE-ACT, an URBACT II project and have recently been approved as the LEAD EXPERT on the GEN-Y CITY URBACT III Project. I possess considerable experience of developing and delivering a range of innovation and business support; workforce development; employability, community cohesion and social inclusion; property and infrastructure; and low carbon initiatives. Through the above activities, I have developed considerable experience and expertise of designing and delivering integrated/participatory urban policies for a range of organisations, including local authorities. Recently, I have been involved in developing a number of integrated place based economic development strategies, including the BTVLEP Strategic Economic Plan and EU Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) Plan