7 Great Cities – memories from my URBACT Project…


By URBACT, on February 13th, 2013

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After nearly 3 years of exchanges, I can say that the URBACT LINKS project for the future of historic centres  has been a very interesting experience. I think we have taken the best of each other’s ideas to feed our own reflections and to apply new solutions to our cities.

From Almeria, I will remember the incredible energy of the people in La Chanca and the way in which the municipality involves the inhabitants in the future of their neighbourhood.

From Brasov, I will remember how cultural events can reveal a city to their inhabitants and I will keep the wonderful pictures of the Fatzada Project.

From Anderlecht, I will remember the day when the Ecole Veterinaire became a reality and the huge potential of this project for the city.

From Delft, I will remember the strength of the slogan “creating history” and how this phrase gives meaning to the projects of the city.

From Budrio, I will remember the solid coherence of the project along the path of culture and the way in which the municipality wants to combine heritage and modernity

From Kilkenny, I will remember the clarity of the vision for the future of the city and the willingness
with which these ideas are realized step by step..

From Veria, I will remember the feeling of the weight of the past with the multitude of layers of history still visible in the city.

Now, I’m curious to see how our different projects will take shape in reality and I’m looking forward to seeing the LINKS partners in a year’s time to continue all these fruitful and enriching exchanges.

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Frédérique Calvanus
LINKS Lead Partner

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  1. Yes indeed, Frédérique, like all extraordinary experiences, its conclusion is just the begin of something else! But Why didn’t you mention Bayonne in your post:the fantastic Lead Partner, providing all the partners this great opportunity! Antonio

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