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By URBACT, on July 24th, 2018

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The URBACT Blog is open to contributions from city practitioners, academics, grassroots activists from all around Europe (and the world) who would like to share their practice, research and amazement on integrated urban development issues.

The topics must be of interest to the community of URBACT Blog readers: international readers interested in sustainable integrated urban development. Articles should give some short background information on the national and local context and on the city; it should also be practical and explain why the story is interesting for other cities and urban practitioners who may get inspired from it. It should explain what is outstanding about it and argument. Even if you are writing about a project you are involved in, it is important not to overdo it and to consider both successes and limits of the experience.

The Blog is open to the following contributions:

  • Cities stories: documented stories of practices cities have developed. You will find a description of the different types of cities stories we are looking for in the writing guidelines. Solution stories, Failure stories, Explainer Stories, ‘Cities on a hill’ stories, Comparison cities stories, and Ideas exchange stories, Listacles.
  • European Projects and feedback from major international events related to cities, sustainable and integrated urban development.
  • Thoughts and analysis on specific issues linked to integrated urban development: mobility, environment, participation, integration, multilevel governance, gender equality in cities, etc.

Fit your article in one of the four categories of the URBACT Blog are:

  • Inspiration and solutions from cities
  • Ideas, Opinions and theories
  • Urban Explorers European
  • Urban and Regional Policies

All submissions should be accompanied with high quality photos and illustrations for which the credit is free or given to the Blog.
Only submissions that respect the editorial and writing guidelines for the URBACT Blog will be considered for publication. Neutrality and objectivity will be valued when it comes to presenting project results. All submissions must be respectful of differences and human rights values.

You can make submissions by email to We will aim at answering within 15 days to submissions.

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